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Quadra, MB

A family farming operation purchased a concrete grain elevator in Manitoba, Canada with two switches on CN's mainline and 2,400 ft of track in between.  

Although the owners did not use the track, they still had it inspected annually and kept it maintained. 

After connecting with Standard Rail in 2017, the track was quickly put under lease and has been frequently utilized and generating revenue.

6+ years  |  75% utilization  

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in unplanned revenue

As a rail siding owner, you can list your private rail track or rail spur that's part of a rail-served facility. The track and its switch to the mainline must be in good repair and regularly maintained.

Rail tracks are typically rented on a monthly basis, regardless of whether the renter uses them during that period. This monthly rental structure provides flexibility for renters and consistent revenue for track owners.

We recommend offering rail tracks for rent at an all-inclusive price per month. This price should ideally cover any associated switches. This transparent pricing simplifies the rental process for potential renters.

Yes, this concept is well-suited for private tracks or rail spurs delivered by major Class 1 Railroads such as CPKC, CN, UP, NS, CSX, and BNSF. It provides an efficient way to utilize these assets while allowing flexibility for the rail community.

Railroad shippers who rent the siding will bill private railroad cars into your siding. Cars placed in rail tracks should be removed in a "First In, Last Out" (FILO) sequence.

Yes, all rail track listings undergo a vetting process to ensure that they meet the necessary quality and safety standards. This process helps maintain the credibility of the listings on our platform.

Our commercial team is here to assist you throughout the listing process. If you have questions or need assistance with creating your rail track listing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

If you have specific questions or require additional information not addressed in the FAQ, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We're here to help and ensure your rail track listing experience is seamless and successful.

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